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My name is Barna Gabos, and I make flutes designed for traditional music (irish, breton, and other territories).

I love to work with different species of wood that make my instruments unique: Tigerwood, Blackwood, Mopane, Bamboo

I designed the very first Bamboo Pratten flute, which was a technical challenge but proved rewarding.

Feel free to check out my flutes and contact me if you have any request.

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They play Barna Gabos Flutes

It's a cracker, it sounds very good, and it's very reasonably priced. I was impressed when I first got it.

Michel on Chiff & Fipple Forums

Barna has mastered the challenges of machining and boring bamboo to meet flute specifications

Paddler on Chiff & Fipple Forums

I have one of these. Great sound and beautiful instrument. Great work Barna!

Kekoperera on Instagram

I really enjoy this flute. It's lightweight, lively, loud, and easy blowing.

Daniel Chambo on Chiff & Fipple Forums

Congratulations for your work! I would not hesitate to order a new flute from you.


This flute begs for expressiveness and then lets you do it.

Janmarie Rhodes

I got an amazing bamboo flute in F, it has been nothing but absolute joy since I've received it.

Ben McRabbak

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